Welcome to the lab, Eshita Sengupta and Ben Haworth!

Rising star Eshita has been awarded placement in the competitive White Rose Mechanistic Biology Doctoral Training Programme. She joins our lab in October, 2022 after finishing her masters training at the University of Groningen. Congratulations and welcome to the lab, Eshita!

As the conclusion of a stellar combined undergraduate – masters degree, young scientist-in-training extraordinaire Ben joins the lab starting in October, 2022 for a productive year of hands-on research and tech development. Welcome to the lab, Ben!

Congratulations to former mentor Ardem Patapoutian for being awarded the 2021 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine

Congratulations to former mentor Ardem Patapoutian and to David Julius for this fantastic achievement! The award recognizes the seminal contributions of the discovery of thermo-sensitive TRP channels and Piezo ion channels to our understanding of how we perceive our physical and chemical environments. A momentous day in the field of sensory neuroscience!