Post-doctoral positions available

We are looking for a self-motivated and enthusiastic post-doctoral fellow to join the group on a 3-year project to study novel molecular players in the field of mammalian mechano-transduction. The discovery of Piezo ion channels brought a wealth of new understanding to this field, also highlighting the existence of unknown molecular players in this complex and fascinating process. We will identify these and study their function in detecting mechanical cues of the environment.

Our overall goal is to better understand the molecular players involved in pain. While acute pain is an essential warning signal, pain can sometimes outlive its vital function and itself become the disease. Such chronic pain conditions are incredibly prevalent, representing a significant burden on society. Uncovering new molecular players in the pain pathway promises novel analgesic targets. We approach this exciting challenge using state-of-the-art techniques in combination with novel experimental approaches developed in our lab.

The successful candidate should have expertise in patch clamp electrophysiology, and molecular biology. Prior experience in fluorescent imaging, Next-Gen Sequencing, and bioinformatics will be an advantage, but are not essential. As part of a collaborative effort, the candidate will also have access to our unique, state-of-the-art screening platform technology that combines genome editing, fluorescent cell sorting and advanced sequencing techniques to conduct genome-wide searches for novel genes.

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Ph.D. positions available

A White Rose BBSRC Mechanistic Biology Doctoral Training Partnership position is available in our rapidly growing group starting October 2022! Application opens October 2021, closing January 7th 2022. Applications should be submitted by following the links on the page above, and applying directly via the University of Leeds post-graduarte application portal.